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  • Fast, Secure and Reliable - For the pool server it uses the highly efficient node-merged-pool module which supports vardiff, POW & POS, transaction messages, anti-DDoS, IP banning, several hashing algorithms.
  • Fully Customizable Template - Utilizing HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap, the front end of uNOMP can easily be customized to your needs and taste.
  • Reliable Database - uNOMP runs on a REDIS database instance. This allows for great scalability and handles large data transfers with ease.
  • Merged Mining Capable - This implementation is merged mining capable. You may add AUXPoW coins to the main chain configurations. At this point, the merged coins do everything EXCEPT display on the site or payout automatically. Shares, blocks, and coinbase transactions complete as planned.
  • Multipool Capable - uNOMP was built from the ground up to run with multiple coins simultaneously (which can have different properties and hashing algorithms). It can be used to create a pool for a single coin or for multiple coins at once. The pools use clustering to load balance across multiple CPU cores.
  • Profit Switching (Multipool) - Coin-switching ports using coin-networks and crypto-exchange APIs to detect profitability.





Ahmed Bodi

Sigwo The back end guru.

Elitemobb Front end and template design.

Infernoman API expert and general dev.

Ahmedbodi Stratum expert.